Golf Course Management
Strategies & Best Practices

Through our vast expertise across the spectrum of golf course management, we pride ourselves on our ability to identify solutions that combat the most challenging of operational deficiencies. As our case studies highlight, through our systematic development, testing of tools and creation of strategic offerings we are able to dramatically grow revenues and operate our managed facilities to garner the most profitable results.



With over three decades of proven management excellence, Western Golf Properties delivers savings to our Club owners in conjunction with increasing their revenues to ensure that we exceed fiscal goals.

Learn How Western Golf Properties Improved a Club’s Net Operating Income by $800,000.
Opportunity: A public daily fee Club previous managed by large management company struggled to improve bottom line while maintaining service levels and course conditions. Western Golf Properties was engaged to evaluate optimal management to turn property around.

Applied Disciplines:
  • Analyzed competitive set and leveraged dynamic pricing models to drive traffic

  • Developed smart agronomic practices to improve course conditions to remedy golfer perception of property within market

  • Heightened management of over time controls to reduce labor costs.

  • Improved food cost and quality of menu driving traffic and retaining dining base.

  • Focused marketing and sales effort on increasing banquet and tournament business

  • Designed and procured remodel of clubhouse, saving owners substantial money on design fees and FF&E package

  • Instituted new inventory controls to reduce expendable supplies.

  • Renegotiated national vendor agreements to reduce overall operating costs.

Results: Net Operating Income Gain of $811,500, Increased Golf Revenue $475,000 and Food & Beverage Revenue more than $840,000 for Total Revenue Increase of $1.3 Million within first 36 months of management.

“As problem solvers, we pride ourselves on managing and consulting with properties course by course. Instead of shaping courses to fit a pre-determined mold, we use our systematic analysis, disciplined systems and superior execution to create a custom-tailored business, operations and marketing plan for each managed property.”


Learn How a Golf Club Gained Over $500,000 in Food & Beverage Net Income
Opportunity: An underutilized and troubled premier Golf Club in the Southern California market that struggled with restaurant positioning and operational inefficiencies with net income losses of ($182,000).

Applied Disciplines:
  • Streamlined labor while improving service quality.

  • Saved 25% off food cost by utilizing our national account programs.

  • Tailored menus and programming to coordinate with identified consumer dining habits.

  • Created a clear position and brand for the restaurant to fit within the area’s competitive set.

  • Developed a Dining Rewards program to incent heightened frequency and spend in the restaurant.

Results: Total food and beverage net income gain of $507,000 Western Golf Properties exceeded food and beverage net income of $250,000. Based on continued growth, delivered net income the following year of $325,000.


Learn How To Lock Up Market Share by Driving Additional Revenues of $1,196,000
Opportunity: A high-end daily fee Golf Club located within a very competitive market that struggled with capturing market share due to price point and low customer retention. The challenge was to maintain the Club’s established brand and green fee structure while developing an attractive offer to garner increased participation.

Applied Disciplines:
  • Analyzed current golfer habits to determine how many rounds they have been playing at the Club over a 12 month period.

  • Surveyed a golfer database to determine what is important to them to establish program benefits.

  • Developed a Loyalty Program which enabled the Golf Club to drive low volume times which in turn created more opportunity for non-loyalty golfers to access the more popular full rated tee times.

  • Developed rewards and savings in other non-golf revenue streams to increase wallet share.

  • Developed marketing campaign and communication strategy.

  • Trained and incentivized staff on selling the program.

Results: Annual Loyalty Program Net Gain of $1,196,000
Over 1200 loyalty cardholders play approximately 15,000 rounds a year and spend 10% more per visit than non-loyalty golfers.


Learn How A Golf Club Increased Revenues by $259,878 While Driving 5,049 Additional Rounds

Opportunity: An underutilized daily-fee Club within a highly competitive market where rounds were down by 10.9% struggled to drive traffic to the course and increase rounds and revenue.

Applied Disciplines:
    Conducted a detailed market analysis.
  • Analyzed the Club’s assets.

  • Identified the opportunity to grow the Club’s appeal and enhance it’s reputation.

  • Developed comprehensive Annual Business and Marketing Plan to meet Owner’s objectives.

  • Implemented strategic marketing and outbound sales efforts to broaden awareness and drive new traffic to the Club
  • Complemented outbound sales with promotions that increased golf rounds.

  • Engaged and trained the Golf Club team to ensure the guest’s experience, satisfaction, and future visits.

  • Continually measured performance through daily, weekly and monthly analysis that was used to adjust the execution for optimal impact.

Results: Improved revenue performance by $259,878. while increasing rounds by 5,049 when golf rounds in the marketplace dropped by more than 10%