Golf Course Marketing

As problem solvers and reputation builders, Western Golf Properties’ golf course marketing experts draw from our innovative approach and library of proven golf course marketing practices to: understand the market, understand the course, identify strategies that drive growth and income and improve our courses’ reputation. Western Golf Properties provides our clients with a full-service marketing department that works directly with each golf facility to ensure that every sales and golf course marketing opportunity is optimized. These golf marketing services include: development of marketing strategies and campaigns, branding, public relations, media placement, viral marketing, art direction, copywriting, competitive analysis, media event planning, and graphic design.

A pioneer in the development of golf loyalty programs, Western Golf Properties’ knowledge and experience designing comprehensive retention programs provide our managed Clubs with the opportunity to drive revenues from within and reduce external marketing costs.

As our case studies show, we leverage our systematic development, testing of tools and creation of strategic offers to drive loyalty and usage at our managed facilities which results in significant revenues as well as strong customer retention.