Golf Course Maintenance

Building Reputations Through Exceptional Conditioning

The primary reason that a Golf Club is successful is the positive level of the total golf experience, and the first consideration is the golf course. Western Golf Properties carefully selects golf course Superintendents and Agronomists who are experts with turf management and vegetation characteristics of specific geographic regions. All of our Superintendents are members of the Golf Course Superintendents’ Association of America (GCSAA) and are active in continuing education. Because of our reputation and vast experience with many of the most prestigious golf facilities, we have access to a network of highly qualified candidates to recruit from who are actively seeking to become part of our team.

Our reputation for maintaining immaculate playing conditions in the different growing regions throughout the country has given us high marks in the industry. Our ability to maintain quality turf conditions that are representative of the owner’s expectations and resources has been developed and refined since 1985. Preventative maintenance programs are tailored specifically to meet the needs of the existing turf species as well as the requirements of the residents and guests.

Our course maintenance standards are some of the highest in the industry. Golf course superintendents with the company share some common characteristics; they are realistic and systematic in their maintenance methodology and are equally skilled in managing people and departmental budgets as they are in growing and maintaining turf. Additionally, there is a high level of attentiveness to environmental sensitivity.