Golf Course Food & Beverage Management

It has long been the ideology of Western Golf Properties to abandon the industry-old philosophy that food & beverage is an amenity to the golf experience. Conversely, we view and position each of our managed facilities at the cutting edge of this constantly changing and highly lucrative profit center, always tracking guest and product trends. We specialize in positioning our facilities by developing comprehensive, award-winning culinary and beverage strategies that deliver significant return on investment.

We have the expertise to manage food and beverage facilities ranging from a snack bar providing barbecues and grilled foods at the turn, to a formal dining room featuring tableside service and hosting special events. Western Golf Properties provides leadership and direction to the Food and Beverage Managers at each Golf Club, as well as having the responsibility for the solicitation, selection and procurement of economically viable long-term vendor relationships in the industry, which produces substantial savings to our owners, while increasing quality and service.

Our Food and Beverage Managers are skilled in cost and portion controls, inventory management, maintenance of par systems and personnel training. They are trained professionals who are equally comfortable with dining room management as they are with expediting orders in the kitchen. They focus on compliance with local health department codes and liquor controls as well as maintaining up to date licensing. Our managed Clubs food and beverage operations are operated as individual profit centers.